Arts Wisconsin’s community cultural development, advocacy and service are made possible because of support from people, organizations and businesses throughout the state.  At this critical moment in time, we’re providing as much access to our services as possible – while understanding the obvious hardships of the COVID-19 crisis for people, organizations and businesses.   We need you with us now more than ever. 

We’re asking you to pay-what-you-can to join or renew your membership in Arts Wisconsin.  

Arts Wisconsin has been working tirelessly to advocate for investment in creative sector relief and access efforts and a seat at the table through the pandemic and beyond, provide critical programs to help the sector discuss and deal with the changing world, shared research and data to frame the future, and much more.  Your support will help us do more to be creative, entrepreneurial and pro-active on behalf of Wisconsin, its people, and its communities.

The work of Arts Wisconsin has always been all about growing Wisconsin creatively to benefit everyone, everywhere in the state, in good times and bad. Right now, lives and communities are in a perpetual state of vulnerability, uncertainty and anxiety.  Despite the challenges, we believe – we know – that now, more than ever, creative responses will lead the way, to inspire us and give us new ideas for hope and opportunity.  Creativity shows us what’s possible, even in the darkest times.  We’re holding tight to that ideal and turning it into action.

As we move through the pandemic and beyond, our work together will be critical to the long-term sustainability of arts and culture. We are committed to continuing and expanding our programs, including:

  • Advocacy for local, state, and federal policy change to ensure access to the arts, culture and creativity for everyone, everywhere in the state.
  • Representation at key stakeholder meetings with public officials, philanthropy, and other centers of power on issues like reopening, equity, access, and inclusion, and sustainability through systems change.
  • Funding Opportunities for the creative sector
  • Technical assistance, professional development, planning and consulting, and resources to help move through the pandemic and beyond.
  • Research on the short term and lasting impact of COVID on the arts, culture and creativity throughout the state.

Suggested individual membership amount:  whatever you  are able to pay!

Suggested organizational membership amounts (based on budget size):

under $25,000 $75.00
$25,001 – $100,000 $150.00
$100,001 – $500,000 $225.00
$500,001 – $1 million $350.00
over $1 million $500.00

Send your membership via:

  • Check payable and send to Arts Wisconsin, Box 1054, Madison, WI 53701-1054
  • Credit card via Mightycause (VISA/MC)
  • PayPal 

Your investment in our work puts us at-the-table to ensure that the voice of the arts is being heard. And we will need to be heard!  After the November elections, we head straight into a new Legislature in January and the 2021-2023 state budget season in February.  Given the circumstances, we are facing one of Wisconsin’s leanest state budgets to date due to COVID-19 expenses and steep declines in sales and room taxes.   

You can support our work and stand with us to lead the way to keep Wisconsin’s creative sector strong now and into the future.

Thanks to our 2020 sponsors and to our member organizations, businesses and individuals!

Why should you support Arts Wisconsin? Here are some good reasons.

For all members and donors – make your membership work for you:

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  • Subscribe to Arts Wisconsin’s Legislative Action Centerbe informed and prepared, find a job, keep up with Wisconsin people, politics, and the arts, tune in to insider information, and learn the easy steps to Take Action in support of the arts, arts education and creative economy in your community and statewide.
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