Please support Arts Wisconsin’s work to grow Wisconsin creatively.  Through the pandemic and beyond, our job is to keep the arts and creativity front and center as essential to Wisconsin’s future, and help creative businesses, creative sector workers, and communities in every corner of the state as they navigate the road ahead.

For over 25 years, Arts Wisconsin has been all about about growing Wisconsin creatively and equitably.  This work has never been more important than right now.  As Wisconsin’s only independent community cultural development organization, Arts Wisconsin is activating creativity as essential to meet the moment and move into the future.

The arts and creativity provide a means for human expression, processing the unknown, and communicating across cultures. And, as an industry, the creative sector has leveraged more than $10.1 billion to Wisconsin’s economy, encompassing over 96,000 of its residents (more jobs than in the state’s beer, biotech, and papermaking industries), according to the US Department of Commerce.  Now, nationally, 63% of artists are unemployed and 59% of arts and culture non-profits are closed.  You can’t stop the creative spirit in each of us, but this critical industry needs help to move forward and come back with a flourish.

Please help Arts Wisconsin advocate and lead in 2021 with a fierce commitment to optimism, energy, and strategic change.  Your investment in our work will help us move Wisconsin forward with creativity, imagination, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Ways to support Arts Wisconsin:

  • As an individual, whatever amount is possible for you
  • As an organization (suggested organizational membership amounts, based on budget size):
under $25,000 $75.00
$25,001 – $100,000 $150.00
$100,001 – $500,000 $225.00
$500,001 – $1 million $350.00
over $1 million $500.00
  • As a business sponsor, support Arts Wisconsin’s programs and services, including the Arts in the Community Awards,  Creative Economy Week, and Creative Wisconsin Month.  Click here for information on sponsorship opportunities.   Contact Anne Katz, Executive Director, at 608 255 8316 | to discuss personalized sponsor benefits that make the most of your support.
Make your payment in these ways:
  • Check payable and send to Arts Wisconsin, Box 1054, Madison, WI 53701-1054
  • Credit card via Mightycause (VISA/MC)
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Thanks to our 2020 sponsors and to our member organizations, businesses and individuals!

Why should you support Arts Wisconsin? Here are some good reasons.

For all members and donors – make your membership work for you:

  • Check our website (, and social media (Facebook and Twitterfor info about programs and conferences.
  • Subscribe to Arts Wisconsin’s Legislative Action Centerbe informed and prepared, find a job, keep up with Wisconsin people, politics, and the arts, tune in to insider information, and learn the easy steps to Take Action in support of the arts, arts education and creative economy in your community and statewide.
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As we move through the pandemic and beyond, our work together will be critical to the long-term sustainability of arts and culture. We are committed to continuing and expanding our programs, including:
  • Advocacy for local, state, and federal policy change to ensure access to the arts, culture and creativity for everyone, everywhere in the state.
  • Representation with public officials, philanthropy, and other centers of power on issues like reopening, equity, access, and inclusion, and sustainability through systems change.
  • Funding Opportunities for creative people, businesses and communities
  • Technical assistance, professional development, planning and consulting, and resources to help move through the pandemic and beyond.
  • Research on the short term and lasting impact of COVID on the arts, culture and creativity throughout the state.
We’ve seen remarkable innovation and resilience throughout the state this year, and we’re proud of the leadership Arts Wisconsin has provided to champion Wisconsin’s creative sector.   We’re expanding important initiatives in 2021 to grow creative energy as a force for change statewide and help creative people and industries survive and thrive.

Thanks for your support!