School of the Arts Legacy Program 2018

ArtStart Announces Its Second School of the Arts Legacy Program
September 27-30, 2018 at Treehaven in Tomahawk, WI

Join artists from all over the state for an inspiring and adventurous extended weekend arts retreat on the beautiful University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Treehaven campus outside of Rhinelander.

Experience a wide range of classes to stretch your imagination, further your career or practice, and connect with other artists from around the region.

Class instruction will range from a wide variety of literary genres, hands on art classes, movement and dance, professional development, and sharing opportunities.

ArtStart, in collaboration with the Rhinelander District Library, plans to host a variety of free public events to compliment the classes.

Registration will open mid summer. A streamlined registration system will allow you to pick your classes, meals, and optional lodging – all a’la carte.    Go to to learn more and sign up for the School of the Arts.