Small Community/Rural Resources

Small Community Forum, 12-16-20, presented by Arts Wisconsin, UW-Madison/Extension Center for Economic and Community Development, USDA Rural Development Wisconsin, Wisconsin Downtown Action Council, Wisconsin Main Street Program, Wisconsin Rural Partners.  Theme:  community building and inclusivity.

Conferences and meetings:

  • Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit, Monday, January 25, 1-5 pm.  A virtual summit on the Wisconsin rural economy:  Using the latest research and data specific to Wisconsin’s rural communities and regions, we will discuss the Wisconsin rural economy with a focus on innovative strategies that foster economic opportunities and well-being. The summit will provide an overview of historical and current trends in the Wisconsin rural economy, look to lessons learned from rural communities, and focus on proactive strategies that Wisconsin’s smaller and rural communities can implement.  Register here.

Readings and resources:

Updated 1-14-21.  We’ll add more news and resources here as we find them.

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