Business plan outline

 Business plan outline (for for-profits and non-profits)
(keep it short and sweet – up to 1 page per numerical item – no more than 7 pages total)

Thanks to LaMoine MacLaughlin, Director, Northern Lakes Center for the Arts, Amery, WI

  1.  Our Planning Summary (no more than ½ page, summarized after the plan is written)
  • Our Community (What is our community like? What community needs does our organization meet?)
  • Historical and Cultural Aspects
  • General Demographics: Geography, Population, etc.
  • Community Needs (include how they were determined)2)  Our organization or business (Who are we? What do we consider important? How is our organization structured? What outcomes or results do we intend to accomplish?)
  • A. Name/Location/Legal Structure
  • Board Members/Representation
  • Values/Vision/Mission
  • Goals – priorities and evaluation procedures/methods (What signals success?)

3)  Our Programs/Activities (What programs are our organization involved in? What does the rest of the community see our organization doing? How do our programs reflect our mission? Will we be working with any other community organizations? How?)

  • Services and Programs – listing/description
  • Possible Targets of Opportunity

4)  Our Budget (How much does it cost to operate our organization and its programs? How are our organization and its programs funded? How will community volunteers assist our organization?)

  • Expense Accounts – Budget Totals
  • Income Accounts – Budget Totals
  • Community Volunteer Involvement

5)  Our Promotion/Recruitment Plan (How do people find out about our work? How do they become involved in our programs? Can other community organizations help? How?)

  • Audience/Recruitment Needs
  • Marketing Goals – evaluation procedures/methods (What signals success?)

6)  Our Supporting Activities and Our Timetable for Completion (List and explain what major tasks – probably no more than 5 or 6 – need to be performed to implement our plan? Who is responsible for their completion? How are they prioritized and ordered? By what date[s] should they be completed?)

  • Major Tasks/Activities/Strategies
  • Responsible Individuals
  • Task Target Completion Dates