Trace the Line

Trace the Line is a feature length-independent film being shot in Wisconsin by filmmaking duo, Alex and Noel Miranda. Alex has been part of the Screen Actors Guild and worked for Newline Cinema. Noel’s background is in the non-profit and corporate responsibility spheres. They now co-own Bravebird, a creative production partner who seeks to bring dignity through storytelling.

This film is being produced using Bravebird’s methodology, Cinema Dignite, with a mostly local crew comprised of 50% people of color and 40% women. The Cinema Dignite model focuses on impeccable creative quality and ethical story-telling, all with the goal of empowering communities

Trace the Line tells the story of two artists, one Black and one White, as they explore their existence and relationships while practicing physical-distancing in the tumultuous year of 2020. The lead roles are portrayed by two native Wisconsinites, Matthew Charles who is a spoken word poet and Brooke Leland who recently graduated from UW Madison’s Art Department. Matthew and Brooke will be playing fictionalized versions of themselves.

The film will take into account COVID-19 restrictions and safety procedures. While filming, the cast members will never touch each other, remaining six feet apart, with most scenes being filmed outdoors. The crew members have taken COVID tests and will be wearing protective gear as well as having daily temperature checks.

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