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The 411 Live is a multimedia awareness and education outlet that develops impactful awareness and educational campaigns and outreach events with the goal of educating, informing and enlightening viewers on issues that may impact them on a daily basis.  Our campaigns are developed in the areas of social issues, education, careers, health, safety, family and community.  We strongly believe in helping an array of diverse people and connecting them to businesses while getting youth involved to help create change in their communities.

OUR MISSION: To provide a platform that deliver ideas and inspire solutions for individuals to live a positive and healthy lifestyle.

OUR VISION: To provide every individual access to information and resources needed to live a desired lifestyle and become catalyst for change in their community.


We create impactful multi-media campaigns that influence and inspiration hope, social awareness, and education by creating the connections needed to create and motivate change throughout communities. We involve youth in our vision of creating catalyst for change through media starting with high school students in 11th and 12th grade through college students who want a career in the media field. We give them hands on experience in a variety of areas like radio, film, video production, journalism and more.


Human trafficking is an illegal industry in the United States that generates an estimate of $9.5 billion dollars annually.  Sex trafficking is prevalent in all 72 counties in Wisconsin and southeast Wisconsin has the highest rates according to the US Attorney’s Department of Justice Office.  

According to the Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee79% of trafficking cases reported in Wisconsin occur in the city of Milwaukee, 92% of youth trafficked in  Milwaukee are female and 78% of youth bought and sold by traffickers in Milwaukee are African American.  Thirteen is the average age a child begins being trafficked for sex.  

The average pimp has 5 girls, gross over $100k annually and high end pimps make millions trafficking young men, women and children. Victims see an average of 30 “clients” per day and work 7 days a week.


Sex trafficking in Wisconsin has become an epidemic and people are unaware that Wisconsin is a hub for sex trafficking and unfortunately they don’t know the signs.  People often think sex trafficking is something that happens overseas or in other states but it is actually happening right in your backyard.

This campaign, Trafficked – More Than Just A Story is essential in showing that sex trafficking is real and one of the major problems is how victims of sex trafficking are treated and looked at simple because professional service providers, non-professionals and regular people simply don’t know the signs or there just not trained in identifying the signs of a victim of sex trafficking.  

Survivors of sex trafficking have been stripped of their identities, families, purpose in life and they often find themselves struggling trying to navigate back into life trying to re-discover themselves. This campaign presents the problem and the solution to the problem.

This campaign includes a 5 Part TV Series, 60 Week Radio Series, a Curriculum, and Workshop for professional and non-professional service providers. 

Please help us spread awareness about this quiet horrific epidemic and help us fight against and end sex trafficking in Wisconsin.

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