Saving Golf

Saving Golf is a one-hour television special that follows the one man’s journey to save a municipal golf course in the middle of his adopted town—with his own money and no strings attached.

Michael Keiser has been part of golf course development his entire life. His father, Mike Keiser developed the famed Bandon Dunes in Oregon. Michael and his brother developed Sand Valley in central Wisconsin that offers spectacular golf on two eighteen-hole golf courses with another on the way. All of the Keisers’ efforts make various industry “best of” lists.

So, when Michael read about the struggles the city of Madison, Wisconsin was having keeping their municipal golf courses open, he put down the paper and picked up the phone. He called the city’s park superintendent and made a remarkable offer: What if the Glenway golf course could be re-imagined? 

What if it could be re-designed to challenge all golfers of any levels? What if it could be environmentally sound to benefit the surrounding neighborhoods and on course wildlife? What if the land could be used by non-golfers? Imagine a nature walk? Imagine a picnic? Imagine a place that fits seamlessly into the surrounding neighborhood.

But Keiser wanted to so more than save one municipal golf course. He wanted to save golf.

In the spring of 2021, the Madison City Council approved Keiser’s proposal. Keiser assembled a team including architects, soil research scientists, ecologists and environmentalists. Each member of the team is tasked with how can they create an environment that is ecologically sound and athletically challenging?

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