Rachel Lynett Theatre Company

The Rachel Lynett Theatre Company produces plays written and directed by Rachel Lynett with the intention to create leading roles (both on stage and off) for women of color and queer theatre artists.   
Mission Statement
Our mission is to workshop and to produce shows that are written and directed by Rachel Lynett as well as one show a season by an emerging or mid-career playwright who is a womxn of color (WOC) and/or queer whose work is in direct conversation with Lynett’s. We are committed to the following:
  • Producing three plays by Rachel Lynett every season
  • Producing one play by a queer playwright of color whose work is in conversation with Rachel Lynett’s work
  • Paying all staff an equitable wage, meaning everyone gets paid the same no matter what their role
  • Seeking out and maintaining a board of directors who are artists and who identify as WOC and/or queer
  • Producing plays where at least 60% of the cast are POC and/or queer
  • Engaging with our audience via talkbacks after each performance to help further facilitate difficult conversations around race, gender, and sexuality.

Thanks for your support!  You can make your donation in three ways (please include a note that your donation is for the Rachel Lynett Theatre Company):

  • Check:  Payable and send to Arts Wisconsin, Box 1054, Madison, WI 53701-1054 (we can only cash checks made payable to Arts Wisconsin).
  • Credit card (Visa/MC)
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