Guest House Theatre

Mission:  To engage our audience in a shared experience by providing professional high quality theatre that forges connections with one another through intimate storytelling and local artistic growth.
Founding Members:
Whitney Derendinger, General Manager
Deborah Hearst- Artistic Director
Dave Pausch- Production Director
Karen Saari- Marketing Director
Nina Kenefick and Gina Gomez- Administrative Managers
Autumn Shiley- Artistic Associate
Steven Peterson- Technical Associate
Timeline for Season 1:
Launch Party: March 7th, 2020
First Production:  July 16-26, 2020
Second Production: Dec. 4-5, 2020
Third Production: March 11-20, 2021
Thanks for your support!  You can make your donation in three ways (please add a note that your donation is for Guest House Theatre):
  • Check:  Payable and send to Arts Wisconsin, Box 1054, Madison, WI 53701-1054.
  • Credit card (Visa/MC)
  • PayPal