Fermat’s Last Theatre Company

Fermat's Last Theater Company is a small troupe in Madison, WI dedicated to staging classic and contemporary works that address issues of social justice.  We do serious work, we do it well and we do it for free.  An important part of our mission is to build a new and diverse audience and engage our community in discussions about the world outside the theater walls.  Founded in 2013, we have staged Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Troilus & Cressida, Strindberg's Miss Julie and in 2016 our own adaptation of Kafka's The Trial
Over the next two years we are working on what we are calling our Brecht Project - workshops, discussions and outreach which will culminate in a staging of Mother Courage and Her Children, a play that asks how do civilians survive in a world of seemingly endless war?
Please help us continue to offer free, serious theater by making a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Arts Wisconsin.  See our web site for more information and photos of our work (fltco.tumblr.com)  and visit us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FLTCo/).


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