Art$upport Fund guidelines

The Art$upport Fund: 2018-2020
The Art$upport Fund is a legacy of Patricia Wyzbinski of Management Cornerstones and the Nonprofit Management Fund (NMF) and her commitment to small arts organizations and emerging arts initiatives in the greater Milwaukee area.   In 2012, she authored a carefully crafted NMF report, The Importance of Being Small, which defined challenges and offered an array of resource-building and stabilizing recommendations.  In 2013, local arts groups created pop-up performances throughout the community to test an idea for arts fundraising (Art$upport Milwaukee).

Building on the principles and strategies defined in the NMF report and the pilot project, the Art$upport Fund seeks ideas to strengthen financial resources for small arts organizations and emerging arts initiatives in the Milwaukee area.  The Art$upport Fund pursues this mission to strengthen the financial capacity of the arts to stimulate the imagination, enrich the economy, educate our children, bring people together, and define community.

About the Art$upport Fund:  The Art$upport Fund is supported by generous donations from Patricia Wyzbinski’s family,  memorial contributions from Pat’s friends and colleagues, and assistance and oversight by Arts Wisconsin.  100% of all contributions to the Fund will be used to support the goals of the Fund.  Contributions from Pat’s family will support administration and management of the Fund.  Arts Wisconsin, the state’s community cultural development organization, administers the Fund with guidance from a steering committee of Milwaukee-area arts, community, business, and social service leaders.

The Fund will provide awards of up to $10,000 through an application and review process. Matching funds are encouraged but not required.  The Fund and its advisors will also work as a partner with Arts Wisconsin to provide and secure technical assistance for winning idea(s).

Click here for The Importance of Being Small report.  Click here for Art$upport Milwaukee’s Facebook page.

General Eligibility & Review Criteria:

  • Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, and groups affiliated with a fiscal receiver with operating budgets of $500,000 or less, are eligible to apply for and receive funding.
  • Don’t be afraid to propose an idea that may be seen as non-traditional or offbeat but achievable. And, the idea can be something completely new or it can expand a current initiative.
  • Initiatives that include multiple organizations and/or will have financial impact on multiple groups will be given preference.

Phase 1 process:

Submit a brief description of your idea (1 page maximum, Adobe .pdf format) to Arts Wisconsin (, answering these four questions:

  • What idea do you propose to enhance funding for Milwaukee-area small arts organizations or emerging arts initiatives?
  • What resources are needed and who are the partners in this effort?
  • What motivates this idea and who or what groups will benefit?
  • How will you evaluate the effort?

A review panel will select a limited number of ideas for further review in a second phase. Phase two applicants will be eligible for a small grant to develop a full proposal.

Got a question?  Check out the FAQs.  If you still have questions, get in touch with Arts Wisconsin at