Art$upport Fund – FAQs

Q: Can non-arts organization(s) be a part of the idea?

A: Yes, just make clear how the ultimate beneficiaries of the idea are small arts groups.

Q: There’s not much time before ideas are due – what level of collaboration is expected as part of the idea submittal?

A: If your idea is selected there will be time and financial support to spell out the alliance or collaboration.   At the idea stage, if everyone has agreed to take the idea further, that’s all we need.  And, you have a one-page limit!

Q: My budget or the budgets of our partners are over $500,000 dollars, are we eligible to apply?   (There were several variations on this question)

A: At the idea stage, don’t worry about applicant eligibility per se.   Make sure it’s clear that the small arts are the beneficiaries of the idea, those under $500,000 in annual revenues.

Q: If our idea is picked, what can we expect next?

A: We intend to select several ideas, perhaps as many as 5.   Each idea author will receive panel feedback, a $500-$1,000 planning grant and detailed instructions on the second round.

Q: Why aren’t you being more specific about what you expect?

A: We decided we did not know enough about the needs of the small arts and what ideas might expand financial resources.   Therefore we are being deliberately vague to help encourage creativity.  What’s your idea to build financial resources for Milwaukee-area’s small arts?

Q: Anything else you want us to know?

A: Please no small type, narrow margins or anything that makes the submittall hard to read!  And, we look forward to reading the ideas!