ArtsPeers Advisory Network

Arts Wisconsin’s ArtsPeers Advisory Network provides experienced, professional, and creative arts administrators to work with artists and arts organizations needing outside perspectives, timely information, fresh eyes, and objective viewpoints to solve problems, identify opportunities, or establish new directions.

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What does an ArtsPeer do?
ArtsPeer services divide into two basic areas:

Consultation: Because artists and arts organizations often need help with particular tasks or functions, an ArtsPeer will review specific operations, programmatic or organizational areas identified by the client, such as long-range planning, grant writing, board development, marketing, publicity, fundraising, program planning, budgeting and more. An ArtsPeer can offer specific recommendations and identify both implementation strategies and assistance to address effectively the issues raised by the review.

Assessment: Because organizational operations, goals and purposes can change, dramatically and subtly, over time, an ArtsPeer will, upon request, conduct a confidential, comprehensive evaluation of an organization or program from an unbiased point of view. An ArtsPeer can help the client recognize changes, make specific recommendations regarding a planning process for dealing with them, and provide insights into strengths, weaknesses, and areas of emphasis for the future.

Examples of services provided include:

  • Organizational assessment
  • Programming
  • Strategic planning
  • Board development/retreat
  • Community cultural planning
  • Festival Planning
  • Artists’ services
  • Fundraising
  • Grantsmanship and grantwriting
  • Information systems
  • Cross cultural planning
  • Arts education
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Financial management
  • Audience development
  • Volunteers
  • Facility planning and management
  • Advocacy/community awareness

How does the ArtsPeer program work?
ArtsPeers serve as catalysts for new ideas and directions in administrative, management and artistic areas. An ArtsPeer will meet with board of directors, volunteers, and/or staff to facilitate problem-solving, planning, needs assessment, program development and evaluation for an arts organization.

What can you expect from an ArtsPeer?
Your ArtsPeer advisor contacts the organization prior to the first scheduled visit for information. The ArtsPeer may also contact others in the community regarding the issues in question. On site with your organization, the ArtsPeer will facilitate solutions through group process with a group identified by the organization — usually board, staff, and volunteers. After the on-site visit(s), the ArtsPeer will provide the organization with a written report, and, if requested, specific recommendations.

Who can use ArtsPeers?
The ArtsPeers program is open to all not-for-profit arts and community-based organizations and public cultural and community agencies and institutions in Wisconsin. Staff of Arts Wisconsin match an arts organization with the advisor best suited to the topic area. Through discussion and mutual agreement with the organization, Arts Wisconsin sets rates based on fee range for not-for-profit arts organizations.

All details of ArtsPeer consultancies are held in strict confidence. Participants must be current members of Arts Wisconsin.

What does an ArtsPeer cost?
Fees are $400 per consultation, which includes pre- and post-visit information-gathering, anĀ on-site session, and a final report with recommendations for action. In addition, any travel expenses are paid by the sponsoring organization.

Due to the generosity of our funders and the ArtsPeer advisors, the cost of this service is up to 80% lower than comparable consultant fees. Other fee structures may be negotiated between the participating organization and Arts Wisconsin.

Who are the ArtsPeers?
ArtsPeers are experienced, effective administrators and board members serving large and small arts organizations across Wisconsin. They share their expertise with colleagues in order to develop a stronger, more effective arts constituency throughout Wisconsin. Each ArtsPeer advisor has participated in hands-on training designed to prepare advisors to provide confidential consulting services.