Mosaic Arts

Mosaic Arts, Green Bay 

By Morgen Clarey, Arts Wisconsin intern 


Mosaic Arts, Inc. is all about promoting the growing arts scene in Green Bay and NE Wisconsin.  Executive Director Tina Quigley says, “Green Bay is an area rich in artistic resources and is home to a diversity of artists, performers, and dancers as well as thriving organizations.”

Mosaic supports and promotes the work of these artists and cultural organizations throughout the greater Green Bay area.  By connecting artists with audiences, encouraging participation in the arts, introducing the community to art experiences, fostering arts education, and inspiring a vibrant arts environment, Mosaic enhances quality of life.  


Mosaic was formed in 2013 as the result of a merger between the Northeastern Wisconsin Arts Council and its subsidiary organization, Arts Events, Inc..  The two nonprofits strategically merged to form a single organization with the goal of strengthening programming impact and furthering their shared mission.  Core activities include event production, educational programming, advocacy, and arts marketing.  Quigley states, “Mosaic dedicates its resources to programs and events that inspire creativity and strength community.”


Mosaic Arts’ Arti Gras and Artstreet are major community festivals that present creative expression through the visual, performing and cultural arts.  The Creative Connections and Artisan Exchanges programs bring creative people together to network, learn, and advance the creative sector. Mosaic also provides technical assistance, consulting, joint marketing, and cooperative projects among Green Bay’s arts organizations to help them maximize their activities.  


An exciting new program for Mosaic is the development of a community based arts education plan for the greater Green Bay area, to address access and equity in quality arts education experiences for all K-12 students.  Quigley says, “We believe that every student should have the opportunity to engage and participate in the arts both inside and outside of school.”  However, opportunities for children to participate in the arts are threatened as public schools continue to experience cuts to arts programs and community arts providers face funding challenges.  


The Arts Education program will enable Mosaic to connect local artists and arts organizations with schools, encouraging collaboration to increase opportunities for learning through the arts and creativity. Through this community arts education plan, Mosaic Arts hopes to continue to grow and strengthen the arts in Green Bay. 


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