What is the Creative Economy?

Definitions of the Creative Economy, from around the world

John Howkins (who coined the term):  Challenging ambitions, changing peoples’ lives, new ways of working, new business models.  More here.

New England Foundation for the Arts:  The creative economy is a powerful engine of growth and community vitality. Together, artists, cultural nonprofits, and creative businesses produce and distribute cultural goods and services that generate jobs, revenue, and quality of life. A thriving cultural sector leads to thriving communities.  More here.

Creative Economy Coalition – America’s Creative Economy report:  The Coalition is a working group of the National Creativity Network.   More here.

Wikipedia:  A creative economy is based on people’s use of their creative imagination to increase an idea’s value.  More here.

British Council:  Creative hubs, creative enterprise, creative communities. More here.

Forbes:  What is the creative economy, really?  More here.