Influencing the Legislative Process

As you begin

  • Identify other interested people and groups.
  • Identify opposition.

During development of a bill or ordinance

  • Identify and contact key legislator(s) in the drafting the bill.
  • Identify and contact co-sponsors.
  • Utilize the media.

Attend Public Hearings

  • Prepare testimony.
  • Make phone calls.
  • Utilize the media.

Maintain constituent pressure on legislators

  • Write letters.
  • Make Phone Calls.
  • Encourage others to write and call.
  • Utilize the media.

Floor votes. (State level)

  • Continue lobbying.
  • Advocate around amendments.

Governor’s signature or veto. (State level)

  • More letters and phone calls.
  • As follow-up, send thank you notes.

Source: Wisconsin Council on Children and Families