Ten ways to celebrate Creative Economy Week

We’ve got at least ten great ways to celebrate Creative Economy Week…keep watching for more ideas! creativeeconomyweek-logo

1.  Feature a creative entrepreneur or creative business in your community in your newsletter, website and social media sites.

2.  Post Ten Reasons to Invest in Wisconsin’s Creative Sector in your newsletter, website and social media sites.

3.  Write a poem celebrating your community and share in your newsletter, website and social media sites.

4.  Put the Creative Economy Week logo in your newsletter, website and social media sites (click here for a .jpg of the logo).

6.  Use this template op-ed to promote the arts and creativity during Creative Economy Week and beyond.  Personalize with examples from your work and your community.  Send to your local media and social media outlets and share widely on your sites.

7.  Here’s a long list of specific ideas for civic connections and engagement through the arts.  Or, how to answer the question, “what can our community actually do to grow the creative economy, enhance quality of life for all, and keep our communities vibrant?”

8.  Check out resources, ideas, models, best practices, and issues on creative economy development in Wisconsin and around the globe.

9.  Ask your local business development organization to feature Creative Economy Week on their website and social media outlets.

10.  What are your ideas to celebrate Creative Economy Week?  Send a message to Arts Wisconsin at info@artswisconsin.org to let us know.