Stories of Wisconsin’s Creative Economy-Northcentral

„„  Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau:  wausau

  • „ Employs 31 people in this north central Wisconsin community (14 FTE)
  • Spends ~ $ 1,570,000 annually on goods and services in the Wausau area and throughout Wisconsin
  • „ Serves an estimated 56,000 visitors each year, including 33% from out of the local area
  • „ Serves more than 11,000 schoolchildren each year through classroom visits to the Woodson.

„Arts and creative economy development in Portage Countypoint


  •  extensive downtown revitalization in Stevens Point with the Fox Theatre redevelopment project as a cornerstone
  • The 2013 Portage County Creative Economy Inventory Study quantifies the community power and impact of the arts and creative industries
  •  Partnerships and planning for creative sector growth involve Portage County and North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.
  •  Stevens Point Sculpture Park bringing together arts and environment

“The Arts Alliance of Portage County has received strong support from our community and governmental leaders in proactively developing a strategy to understand and expand our local Creative Economy.  They understand the economic and social value of art, culture, entertainment, education and quality of life when looking at the future.  Portage County is an exciting place to be right now as it embraces creativity as part of its economic future.” ~ Bill Schierl, Team Schierl Companies | President, Arts Alliance of Portage County