Ten reasons to attend Arts Day 2019

Investment in the arts and creativity is an investment in Wisconsin’s future.  It’s never been more important to speak up for what matters.  

Register today for Arts Day 2019, Tuesday, March 12 at the Overture Center for the Arts in downtown Madison.   There is strength in numbers, and showing up counts.

Why should you join colleagues and friends on the biggest day for the arts and creativity in Wisconsin?  Here are ten good reasons:

  1. Wisconsin’s creative industries are a force for change in the region and beyond, with impacts on economic vitality, dynamic workforce, education for the 21st century, vibrant communities, and engaged residents.  The state is full of creative entrepreneurs and centers adding to our vitality and economic base.  Arts Day brings together people who care about Wisconsin’s future to discuss cultural and creative economy development as critical strategies for 21st century growth, and the ways in which the creative sector and creative collaborations benefit workforce development, entrepreneurship, cultural development and quality of life in every community and the state overall.  Here’s our chance to speak up for investment in Wisconsin’s  creative people, organizations, businesses, and communities.
  2. Now, more than ever, it’s critically important that people who care about Wisconsin and all of its communities speak up and tell their stories about the power, benefit, public value, and impact of the arts.   Come to Arts Day to demonstrate that Wisconsin should invest in the arts, culture, creativity and innovation – all essential to success in our rapidly changing world.  On Arts Day, you’ll connect directly with your state representatives and decision-makers to tell them why they should make that investment of the tax-payers’ hard-earned dollars.
  3. As Wisconsin’s statewide arts service, advocacy and development organization, Arts Wisconsin works hard to keep up to date on what’s happening arts, arts education and creative economy-wise throughout the state.  And here’s what we are seeing: what’s happening throughout Wisconsin right now is inspirational and visionary – it’s a time of great change and great opportunities!  From Land o’Lakes to Potosi, from Kenosha to Superior, communities are finding new ways to revitalize local and regional economies, transform education, enliven communities, and engage residents.  In so many cases, community-based arts and creativity are at the heart of these efforts.  There is strength in numbers:  Arts Day brings together that collective energy and action to demonstrate the statewide power of the arts and the need for visibility and attention.
  4. Arts Day is happening one week after Gov. Tony Evers announces his 2019-2021 state budget on March 5.   Decision-makers show their priorities with their budgets and it’s really important to be visible and active during budget season.
  5. True, effective advocacy is ongoing, locally-based, and comes from the heart.  There are so many other agendas out there, it’s easy to get lost in the hubbub.   If you don’t promote your cause and your work, those other causes will get the attention and the funding.  Then you’ll wonder why you and your cause aren’t getting attention and funding…
  6. You’ll get inspiration and information from the networking, learning, and community-building happening on Arts Day. Everyone attending Arts Day is interesting, active, and eager to share the stories, successes and challenges of the creative economy at work in their communities.  Arts Day is fun!
  7. We’re thrilled that Secretary of Tourism Sara Meaney and Wisconsin Poet Laureate Margaret Rozga will be with us as featured speakers at the Arts Day Legislative Breakfast.
  8. Arts Day is a great chance to share stories with your legislators, face-to-face, about the creative opportunities happening in their districts, and to ask for their support of these opportunities.
  9. We know you’re ridiculously busy, but every once in a while you’ve got to take a break from the daily routine and get recharged and rejuvenated in a different setting.   That’s what Arts Day is all about.
  10. Arts Day is an outstanding example of statewide cooperation and partnership, with an impressive list of supporters.  Thanks again to our generous Arts Day 2019 sponsors.
  11. On Arts Day, you’ll have the opportunity to experience music with talented Wisconsin performers and show your creativity at work through actual art-making with Wisconsin artists!
  12. Sure, social media is a useful tool for connection and promotion, but nothing can replace actual human interaction.  Arts Day is all about connecting with old friends and meeting new ones, live and in person.
  13. In addition to Arts Day, we hope you can come in the day before for the pre-Arts Day Wisconsin Creative Summit, focusing on creative placemaking locally and globally.  Click here for information.
  14. You’ll be able to brag about all that’s happening in the arts in your community, and you’ll get some great ideas and models to use at home.
  15. As we said, Arts Day is FUN!  It’s the biggest day of the year for the arts and creativity in Wisconsin.  Don’t miss it.

That works out to be more than ten reasons, doesn’t it?  Well, we could go on and on – there are so many reasons why you should be in Madison for Arts Day.  Go ahead and register today for Arts Day 2019!   See you in Madison on March 12.