Speak up for the arts in Wisconsin!

True, effective advocacy is a daily activity that should happen where you live.

Advocacy is really all about relationships. Your purpose in connecting with these legislators is to help them know about the public value, benefit, impact and power of the arts, arts education and creative economy in their districts, so that they can make informed decisions about funding and investment in programs and services for their constituents and the people of Wisconsin.

Here’s what you and others who care about the arts and community (staff members, board members, volunteers, educators, businesspeople, civic leaders) can do to speak up for the arts in your community right now:

  • Drop off a poster of your work or organization at your local officials’ offices or at state legislators’ office in Madison or in the district.
  • Arrange a meeting with the legislator when he/she is in the district, or invite the legislator to an event produced or presented by your organization. During legislative sessions, legislators almost always are home for the weekend, often extending the visit from Friday through Monday.  Click here for legislative contact information.
  • Send a message – we make it easy for you, with Arts Wisconsin’s Legislative Action Center, or via fax, phone call, email or letter – telling your story and including info about why the arts, arts education and creative economy are important to the people in his/her district, and about the work that you do to make a difference. Use these talking points to demonstrate how creativity works for Wisconsin!
  • Promote the arts, arts education and creative economy with your local media and throughout the community
  • Write an op-ed piece for your local newspaper.
  • Meet with the editorial board of your local newspaper(s).
  • Invite the press to an event or meeting featuring the arts in your community.
  • Invite the Mayor, City Council, County Board, school board members to an event or program
  • Feature a program insert with information about the value of the arts.
  • Post information about the arts on your website and social media sites.

2013 is an important budget year in Wisconsin and Arts Wisconsin will be doing as much as possible to make sure that elected officials on all levels are aware that the arts create jobs, inspiration, education, community, and so much more for Wisconsin.

Please call on Arts Wisconsin as an advocacy, service and development resource as needed. We’ve got resources, information, advice, and assistance to offer as you speak up and do your important work!