About Us

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About Arts Wisconsin:

Arts Wisconsin believes that creativity is essential to a prosperous, equal, and democratic society.  The arts and creativity give voice to our many communities, spark individual creativity, foster empathy and understanding, spur civic engagement and serve as a continual source of personal enrichment, inspiration and growth.

Vision: A creative Wisconsin that benefits all.

Mission: To serve and enrich people and communities as Wisconsin’s community cultural development organization. Founded in 1992, Arts Wisconsin is the only independent statewide organization providing a leadership forum for advancing the local and statewide creative economy, integrating the arts and creativity in education, educating entrepreneurs and activists, and engaging policy-makers and the public as a catalyst for dialogue, information, and action.

Arts Wisconsin puts the arts and creativity at the center of life and learning throughout Wisconsin through five core services:

  • Advocate: to speak up and advance the arts, arts education and creative economy as integral to Wisconsin’s local, regional and statewide success
  • Communicate: to expand the awareness of decision-makers and citizens as a catalyst and convener about the power of the arts to transform people, organizations and communities.
  • Educate: to enable Wisconsin’s creators, administrators and entrepreneurs to realize and sustain success, strengthen and sustain the state’s arts, cultural and creative infrastructure, support vibrant, thriving communities and ensure access to the arts for everyone, everywhere in Wisconsin
  • Facilitate: to encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and position the arts, arts education and creative economy as economic, educational and civic assets in every Wisconsin community
  • Sustain: grow and expand arts and creative opportunities to benefit and enrich the lives of the people of Wisconsin, as a model for our constituency.

We know:

  • the instinct to be creative is universal
  • the arts embrace and celebrate diverse perspectives and distinct and numerous forms of cultural expression
  • the arts are integral and must be accessible to the lives of all Wisconsin residents
  • the arts are essential to Wisconsin’s economic, educational and civic high standards and continued growth
  • the arts and culture are at the core of the quality of life in Wisconsin and all of its communities.

Our goals:

  • Access to and engagement in the arts, arts education and creative economy for all
  • Knowledgeable, entrepreneurial community members realizing their full potential as engaged, productive, proactive leaders
  • Investment in the power, benefit, impact, and value of the arts for economic, educational and civic success.

Learn more about the arts in Wisconsin and about Arts Wisconsin at www.artswisconsin.org.  And join us to help us promote creativity as a smart investment for the state!

We acknowledge that in Wisconsin we live and work on traditional Native homelands.  Wisconsin is home to the largest number of Native American tribes east of the Mississippi River.  We honor those who have lived, and do live, now,at the intersections of identity and experience.   Native Wisconsin is made up of 11 sovereign Tribal nations: Bad River Ojibwe, Forest County Potawatomi, Ho Chunk, Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe, Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Menominee Nation, Mole Lake Sokaogan Chippewa, Oneida Nation, Red Cliff Band of Ojibwe, St. Croix Band of Ojibwe, Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans.  Each Tribe is a sovereign nation that abides by its own Constitution.