Arts Day 2014 FAQs

Arts Day 2014 FAQs

Q: What is Arts Day?

A: Arts Day is when people involved in the arts, business, education and community come to the State Capitol in Madison to network with peers and visit their legislators to ask them to invest in the arts locally and statewide, for Wisconsin’s economic, educational and civic success.

At Arts Day, people who care about the arts and community come together for one day to:

  • Talk about the arts in their community
  • Make new friends and connect with old friends
  • Educate legislators about the importance of the arts to Wisconsin’s economy, educational system, healthy communities and quality of life.

Each year, there are representatives from small rural choirs and suburban community theaters, presenters and big organizations, economic development organizations, museums and art centers of all sizes, painters, tenors, dancers, cellists, french horn players, arts administrators and YOU joining together for this big day.

Past participants have enthusiastically reported two things about Arts Day:

  • First, they feel empowered by gathering together with like-minded people. In 2003, one thousand arts advocates attended Arts Advocacy Day!
  • Second, they say that Arts Day is the best arts networking event of the year. This is the only time that arts lovers of all kinds gather together in one place. Through this big day, we show what a strong, vital creative sector we have in Wisconsin. Participation in events like Arts Day bring attention to the power, benefit, impact and value of the arts for Wisconsin and all of its communities.

Q.:  What’s our message to legislators?

A.:  Watch for the 2014 Arts Legislative Agenda – coming soon!

Q.:  How do we get our message to decision-makers?

Q.:  What will happen on Arts Day?

A.:  Watch for the Arts Day 2014 schedule coming soon.  We encourage you to connect with your legislators in some way, whether it’s inviting them to the Legislative Breakfast, meeting with them in their offices, or at the very least, dropping off a packet of information about your work and the arts in your community. There are also panel discussions; letterpress paper art making; music; speeches; and lots of networking time with old and new friends.

Q.:  Why should I attend?

A.:  Here are ten (and more) reasons why you should attend Arts Day.

Q.:  What if I can’t make it to Madison for Arts Day? Can I still be an advocate?

A.:  Yes!  True, effective advocacy is a daily activity.  Click here for ideas and actions for ongoing advocacy.

Check back for more questions and answers as we get closer to Arts Day 2014 on March 12, 2014.