Getting ready for Arts Day 2018

Thanks for making plans to attend Arts Day 2018 on Wednesday, March 21, at the Overture Center for the Arts and the State Capitol in Madison.  It’s the most important day for the arts in Wisconsin, and we’re glad you will be there.
Here’s info to help you get ready for Arts Day, which we will continue to update as we get closer to March 21.  First, we have two questions. 
Please send me a message at with your answers.  If the answers to both questions are no, there’s no need to respond, although please feel free to get in touch any time with questions or comments.
1)  Do you want us to make appointments with your legislators on Arts Day?  If so, we’ll try to make appointments with legislators or staff, hopefully between 11 am – 1 pm on March 21.  If you do want us to make appointments, we’ll let you know the details by Monday, March 19.
2) Do you have any dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan?  It will be helpful to know that to make our breakfast and lunch plans.
Arts Day features the Arts Day Breakfast, workshop sessions, exhibits, performances, roundtables, networking and learning.
The main focus of Arts Day is to connect with your legislators at the State Capitol to let them
know about the importance of the arts, arts education, creative economy and creative placemaking in your community and statewide, including Wisconsin Creates, a new program to support the arts and creativity throughout Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin Creates bills (Senate Bill #284 and Assembly Bill #393) have been approved by legislative committees and is moving through the legislative process. Arts Day is our chance to ask legislators to support Wisconsin Creates as an investment in economic vitality, education for the 21st century, healthy, vibrant, communities, and engaged residents.
More information about Wisconsin Creates is at, and we’ll give you the most up to date information as we get closer to Arts Day and on that day as well.
Also:   please note that Arts Wisconsin is also hosting the pre-Arts Day Wisconsin Creative Summit on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 1 – 5 pm.  Come to Madison the day before Arts Day for networking and action planning with colleagues, peers and friends.  We’re thrilled to welcome Sara Daleiden, Director of MKE-LAX and a nationally known consultant and planner, as facilitator for our Summit.  Sara will move the conversation towards an action agenda that values investment in the arts, creative placemaking, creative economy development, and civic engagement through the arts.  Make the most of your trip to Madison and participate in the Creative Summit the day before.  The cost is only $15 for the Summit and the convening, conversation, and action planning will definitely be worth your time.  Register for the Creative Summit using the Arts Day registration form.
Important information as you get ready for Arts Day:
What you should prepare and bring to Arts Day: 
  • Bring information about your work to drop off at your legislators’ offices during the day. Whether you have an appointment or not, it’s important ou can add the Wisconsin Creates “Talking Points” piece and your business card to that info to bring to your legislators. Whether your legislators are in their Capitol offices or not on Thursday, it’s important to visit their offices and leave your info and your message with the staff so they know you made an effort to get in touch.  You can bring flyers, brochures, research reports, photos – it doesn’t have to be extensive or complicated, but shows off the work you do.  You’ll need at least two copies of the information, for your State Senator and for your State Assemblyperson.  
  • Bring flyers or brochures to display on the Resource Table and show off your work.
  • Bring your business cards to share with your colleagues.
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm to meet new and old friends!
Please get in touch with questions at 608 255 8316 or  See you on Arts Day!
Anne Katz, Executive Director